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Your anchor is extremely important in keeping your boating investment safe and protected at all times. The best place for your boat when it can’t be on your trailer is on a Buoy system with a secure anchor. Mountain Marine provides the right anchors for any vessel on the Shuswap. Furthermore, we offer services to keep your anchor system operating at peak efficiency at all times to ensure mishaps and chain failure that could damage your, or someone else’s, property. Contact us today for a fast quote to ensure you are anchored properly.

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Dock Consulatations

This service is something that we are passionate about! We provide an on site and or digital consultation free of charge. It’s important to us that you get the right dock for your beach and your location.
We have an in-depth knowledge of the uniquely varying beach conditions, underwater situations, permitting requirements and can give you a list of the best docks and their manufacturers in the area that suit your location and the reasons why. 
Mountain Marine Buoy

Buoy System Installation

New Buoy System Installation: Premium Tidal Marine Buoy 24″ (Transport Canada Compliant), Laminated Buoy Information Label, Buoy hardware system designed for ease of use when adjusting the chain. Installation of 2400lb anchor system, including 40ft of 3/8” galvanized chain & hardware for superior corrosion resistance, optional stainless steel chain upgrade. Please see attached PDF for further information. GPS coordinates and images of installation are provided.


Inspection of the current Anchor system. Anchor system to be retrieved from current location and stress test provide onsite. Visual inspection of each chain link and connection points. Visual inspection of Anchor, estimation of weight, longevity, and suitability for current mooring requirements. Clients available to come onboard and inspect with crew preferred.

Shuswap inspection

Dock Cable Installation/Replacement

Dock Cable and Anchor installation | 5/8″ galvanized cable and installation of 2400lb concrete marine anchor for secure placement. Optional stainless steel cable upgrade. Dock alignment and shore end cable adjustment included. GPS coordinates and images of installation provided.

shuswap diving

Diving Services

Professional diving service with proper certifications, WCB and Liability insurance. Quality technology with digital images and video.

Shuswap Underwater drone, ROV, Diving

ROV / Underwater Drone

  The Deep Trekker PIVOT EXPERT is Mountain Marine’s inspection vehicle. Performing efficient, accurate and convenient inspections with the capability to use it’s grabber arm for light work.  Our ROV / Underwater drone is rated to 300m (1000’) depth, houses a 4K camera that manages a 220-degree Total Range View. 


Shuswap Anchors

Vessel Services

This option includes anchor moves, on-water buoy replacements, chain replacements, and other services. We will contact you to confirm the time scheduled for your service.

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