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Keeping your boat safe and providing a secure buoy system for your peace of mind is one of Mountain Marine’s primary objectives. Our buoy systems are time-tested to meet or exceed all safety regulations and ensure your buoys don’t fail, keeping your investment safely moored at all times. Mountain Marine provides comprehensive mooring services including unparalleled buoy installation and maintenance from our team of experts. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dock and or mooring system was set up properly. Request a quote today and never worry about buoy failure again.

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The Right Buoy.

Having the right buoy makes all the difference. Air-filled Saucer white buoys have been known to puncture and immediately take on water, losing your connection to the bottom of the lake and providing costly services to retrieve or, for the same cost, install a new system. The Enviro float foam-filled glued together systems easily compromise over the intense Shuswap Seasons and are often found to be half sunk and difficult to maneuver. Because of our clients’ poor experiences with these types of buoys, we have decided to provide our clients with a superior product at the same cost. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about your buoy.

Adjusting your chain is another option to think of, some buoys provide a hole through a system where you can easily adjust from the top and while staying dry in your boat. We love that ours adjust this way.

The best part is that you can attach directly to the top, as this is securely connected to the anchor chain. This easy way to clip on keeps your mooring line clean from the green lake sludge and allows you to stay dry. Especially in the chilly early spring waters.

Some important things to know. Keep an eye on the lake water levels. This is important for both your buoy system and your dock system. Especially if you are in a buoy field, it is important to know how to adjust your buoy swing as the lake water levels drop to prevent your boat from hitting other boats.

Buoy Fails

Buoy failure
Buoy failure


I just bought a house on the Shuswap, what do I need to know?

Do you know what the condition of your dock cable and buoy system is in?

Most new lakefront homeowners don’t realize that their dock and buoy system needs regular maintenance or your boat may need a heavier anchor than the previous owner. If you, or the previous home owner, don’t have a record of when or what was installed, it is a smart choice to have an inspection done. Then you will know exactly what you have for a secure system or what you will need to ensure your investment is safe and secure. Then you can start a maintenance plan from there. We can help provide an inspection, advice, and education on what your maintenance plan will look like.

Am I allowed a buoy?

That depends on your property zoning and whether you are zoned for foreshore. Contact us at 250-253-8250 and we can help clarify that!

What is the general cost to install a buoy?

We have full installation packages that start at $2150 and have additional upgrades like mooring lines, stainless steel chain, discreet Metal Nametags, custom decals, additional chain, and additional anchors.

What makes a buoy compliant?

A Transport Canada compliant buoy must be white with the top third orange. It must have labeling of PRIV or Private on it and have the owner’s contact information. A Name and phone number are needed, and an address is not required.

Where do I tie up to?

On the Tidal Marine Buoy, you can conveniently moore to the hardware link at the top of the buoy, as this is directly connected to the anchor chain. This keeps your rope clean and prevents undue corrosion and wear from marine organisms. Did we mention that it is easy and clean?

We recommend using a marine mooring line with a snubber to reduce the shock load when your boat is moored during large wakes or storms. These often come with stainless steel snap hook-style connections at either end.

Did your Buoy move?

The mystery of the moving buoys… solved! If your buoy has moved there are a couple of reasons.

1. You don’t have enough anchor weight. Often even the momentum of your boat can move an underweighted buoy system. A properly weighted buoy system anchor should not move, ever.
2. Your chain broke. Try pulling up your buoy and if it lifts up out of the water, keeps pulling until it gets tight or until you have brought up all the chain.

When should I inspect my buoy system?

You should have your buoy system inspected every 4-5 years. If you don’t know the age of your buoys system, you should have it inspected promptly. When we install a new system or replace an old chain, we put our clients in a system that reminds them every couple of years of the age of their system and when they should start thinking about an inspection. Depending on your location, you may need inspections done sooner.

Buoy failure
Buoy failure
Buoy chain

How to Adjust My Buoy Chain

Our Tidal Marine Buoys have been designed with a convenient hole through system. This means that you adjust your mooring system from the top of your buoy, no need to go swimming to adjust it!

You simply gather the access chain and hook it on the provided grab hook, just below the black wear ring at the top of your buoy and gather the chain back down the hole. Voila! Easy and clean. Please remember to release your chain in the same manner at the end of the summer season. If you are still having trouble adjusting, please contact us for further solutions.

Why adjust my chain?

The Shuswap Lake has an average of 10-15’ water level difference from April to September. This means as the water goes up you have less chain loose on your buoy system. As the water goes down, you have more chain loose on your buoy system, which creates a wider swing area.

If you own a mooring buoy system, it is important to know how to adjust your buoy swing to prevent your boat from hitting other boats in the event of Storms and large wakes. In the Shuswap, your buoy system works like a pendulum. So the tighter your line is the less of a swing diameter you have. You need to be a minimum of 60’ or 20M from any other buoy next to you. This provides enough swing room and maneuverability for boats to get in and out of their mooring buoy location.

One of the last, most important, things to remember when having adjusted your chain is to release your chain in the fall when you are done with your mooring system. Releasing the chain allows for a worry-free experience when water returns to the lake in the spring. As the water raises the lake level, your buoy will rise with it. A released chain will ensure your buoy rises with the water without being pulled under by the shortened chain.

Some Exceptions

In our experience, our clients who have 30-40M from other buoys systems, on both sides of their buoy system, do not adjust their chain.

In addition, our clients who have over 75’ of chain do not adjust their chain as it can be very heavy to lineally lift that amount of weight. In this case, we space our clients’ systems appropriately so they do not have to worry about damage to their vessel or others.

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